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Grease Control/Dandruff Control Solution

Grease Control/Dandruff Control Solution

stop hair-loss effect.

Dandruff and grease are problems that often appear on the hair and scalp and they are usually closely related. Cell renewal and the excessive formation of scabs of dead skin on the scalp cause dandruff. Grease builds up on the hair which can enhance hair problems.

More than 50% of people will suffer from dandruff and greasy hair at some time in their lives. This phenomenon is mainly caused by constant changes of temperature, emotional stress, poor diet, skin diseases and atmospheric pollution.

It can become a problem when it appears frequently or in large quantities.

Dry dandruff (Pityriasis) is usually characterized by the presence of fine scales. The scales can create a layer of white powder on the scalp. This dandruff is easy to remove but it quickly reappears. Hair is dry, dull and rough and the scales are fine and white.

• Oily dandruff (seborrhoeic) may appear during adolescence due to high sebum production. The scales are located on the scalp and are greasy. Hair is greasy and the dandruff is in the form of large yellow scales that are more sticky.

• Greasy hair: This type of hair is very shiny due to the amount of sebum produced naturally. It has a matted appearance and loses volume easily a few hours after being washed.

To control these problems we recommend the complete Grease Control/ Dandruff Control Treatment. Made up of Linecure Regulating Lotion plus Linecure Grease Control Shampoo or Linecure Dandruff Control Shampoo. Thanks to its active agents containing B Group Vitamins, hair recovers its balance and regains a healthy shine, without any impurities, achieving effective and long-lasting results.

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