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Colour Solution

colour protection and extension.

Whether for a change of image or to hide the appearance of the first grey hairs, hair colouring has become another practice in female beauty routines, and in recent years it has become extremely popular.

Women today use hair colour to achieve an image that is more in line with their personality, and to feel more comfortable and sure of themselves.

However, while a change of hair colour has a positive effect on morale and self-esteem, the action of external agents, such as sunlight, wind, water quality, chlorine, etc. can have negative consequences on the hair fibres.

To overcome this, we at Hipertin recommend a full range of products especially designed to offer the colour protection and extension necessary after professional colouring services.

The treatment consists of the following products: Colour ShampooMultivitamin ComplexTotal Chroma and Utopia Colour.

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