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Hipertin S.A. started up as a manufacturer specialising in professional hair cosmetic products in 1944. Since then, year after year, the company has been consolidating its brand and has become the reference in the professional hairdressing industry in Spain.

Through the start-up of our Global Project – which includes the International Expansion plan – Hipertin currently operates in approximately 45 countries worldwide.

Our many years of experience position us as one of the best known Spanish Professional Hair Cosmetics brands, both in Spain and at international level.

The entire staff of Hipertin and its partners work hard on a daily basis to achieve company growth, working towards a shared goal: Complete satisfaction for all our customers.

Working with the best stylists and hairdressers, we at Hipertin provide active and creative collaboration in their projects. We offer them a wide range of maximum quality technical products, innovative solutions developed by our R+D+I department and a full range of retail products.

Our obvious desire to provide all the help we can in the development of hairdressing professionals has led us to set up an ambitious resources plan with continuous training programmes, advice from our technical team, Marketing, Communication and Image tools… especially developed to cover all a salon’s requirements.

"Nuestra experiencia,
sin duda,
la mejor garantía."

"Hipertin, desde 1944."

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We pursue maximum quality.

We are specialists in professional hair cosmetics.

We believe in innovation through Research & Development. We are manufacturers. And as part of our commitment to quality, we offer a full third-party manufacturing service, which includes all phases: from preparation, manufacture and packaging to consultancy.

We have the main Quality Certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS and GMP’S) with their corresponding internal procedures to guarantee long-term optimum quality.

We take care of all logistics aspects: An impeccable delivery service.

Most of all: always meeting the needs of the stylist and the end customer.

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