Hipertin Group: Contributing to Children’s Welfare through its Participation in the 21st Charity Dinner Ronald McDonald House Barcelona

Compromiso con el bienestar infantil Hipertin

Solidarity and social commitment are fundamental values that many companies today seek to promote. Hipertin Group has demonstrated its social responsibility over the years and, on this occasion, by participating in the 21st Charity Dinner of Casa Ronald McDonald Barcelona, an emblematic event aimed at raising funds for the Ronald McDonald Foundation, which carries out commendable work for the benefit of children and their families in difficult situations.

Home for Dinner, The Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald Foundation is a non-profit organisation with a presence in more than 64 countries, dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children and their families. Its main objective is to support children with serious illnesses who need specialised medical treatment away from home.

The Foundation operates “Ronald McDonald Houses”, which are temporary homes located near hospitals where families can stay while their children receive medical care. These houses provide a warm and welcoming environment where families can rest, be fed and find invaluable emotional support during difficult times.

The 21st Casa Ronald McDonald Barcelona Charity Dinner

The Ronald McDonald House Barcelona Charity Dinner is an annual event that brings together companies, organisations and individuals committed to the welfare of children. This gala event aims to raise funds to support the operations of the Ronald McDonald House Barcelona and provide comprehensive care to families in need.

In this edition, Hipertin Group joins the noble cause as a prominent sponsor, demonstrating its commitment to the community and its social responsibility. Through its participation, the company actively contributes to the Ronald McDonald Foundation’s ability to continue to provide accommodation, food and emotional support to the families of hospitalised children, making the difficult process they go through more bearable.

Hipertin Group is an outstanding example of a company committed to social responsibility and community welfare. Its participation in the 21st Ronald McDonald House Barcelona Charity Dinner reinforces its commitment to children and its contribution to improving the quality of life of children and their families in times of adversity.

Thanks to the tireless work of the Ronald McDonald Foundation and the collaboration of supportive companies such as Hipertin Group, support and hope can be given to those who need it most. This synergy between companies and charities is essential to build a more caring and just world, where generosity and social commitment are fundamental pillars.

Who is Hipertin Group?

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