Hipertin supports the demand for a fair VAT

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Hipertin Group is one of the companies in the hairdressing and aesthetics sector that are calling for a fair VAT, together with @Stanpa.
On September 6, we met, together with a relevant group of manufacturers of professional hairdressing products, with representatives of the Platform for the Lowering of VAT to 10% for personal image in Spain..It should be noted that in November 2019 the ALLIANCE FOR THE LOWERING OF VAT TO 10% IN HAIRDRESSING was established, which includes more than 10. 000 hairdressing salons in Spain with a presence in all the autonomous communities. A group that includes business organizations, such as Hipertin, and employers’ associations, industry platforms and groups, professional clubs and the main brands in the hairdressing sector. The creation of the ALLIANCE FOR THE LOWERING OF VAT TO 10% IN HAIRDRESSING aims to coordinate and reinforce all the actions maintained by the main operators and organizations in the sector with the determined objective of achieving fiscal equality of hairdressers with the rest of the economic sectors.In said meeting, the important role played by this Platform since its constitution in November 2019 to the present was recognized, to claim before the government the revision of the VAT tax for its activity.

Throughout these years, this group has generated 160 press releases, generated 2,500 impacts in the press (written, radio and TV) and 200 interviews on radio and TV, which has achieved a VPE that far exceeds €15 million. To this must be added more than 400 rallies in 50 locations, mobilizing up to 40,000 professionals who have taken to the streets to claim said tax reduction.

The result was that it has been approved up to 7 times, both in Congress and in the Senate, by 23 of the 24 parties, amendment proposals and non-law proposals, which included this demand of enormous relevance for the profitability of their business. On all these occasions the Government ultimately rejected and vetoed the result and proposal of such votes.

As a result of all this, it was agreed that some of the companies voluntarily generate an economic fund to support this Platform, so that it can continue its activity, precisely at this time when the General State Budgets must be reviewed and approved.

From Hipertin we have joined another group of companies that have already confirmed their support for this Platform, such as: Wella, Goldwell, Grupo VMV, Henkel, Kin Cosmetics, Montibel·lo, Revlon, Alcántara…

We wish from Hipertin with this statement to be able to get new incorporations, so we reiterate the invitation to the entire collective.