Face framing

Wicks are one of the most requested technical hairdressing processes in the salon. They are the perfect technique to bring light to the hair, depth and texture, and all of this without having to dye it completely. In addition, it allows blending it with the roots, which helps to maintain it to make your client at ease. From the mythical hat or silver highlights to the newest techniques such as Balayage (which are already a classic). Today we want to bring you the Face Framing, a style of highlights that are sweeping the networks. We have seen Dua Lipa and the style icon Olivia Palermo use them.


If we look at the words, it literally means “framed face” and in fact this is what makes it a super trend, because it allows us to frame and slightly illuminate the face, adapting it to any age, style or type of hair. It consists of making highlights in the frontal area that contrast with the rest of the hair. It is not necessary that we work with a large difference in tone, everything will depend on the look we want to achieve. If we want an extreme image, we can reach up to a platinum blonde, otherwise, we can integrate the highlights with the rest of the hair with iridescent blonde or beige.

The Face Framing highlights have earned a place in the salon among other reasons because they offers a rejuvenated image since, by bringing light, they elevate the facial features while softening them.


To perform the Face Framing highlights, several techniques can be used; We can make them with a comb to achieve a super natural effect, with silver if we want them to be more defined, teasing the strand to achieve a gradient and even drawing them with the spatula.

We are going to detail step by step with the silver technique to achieve an extreme and trendy image.

The first thing we have to do is separate the amount of frontal hair that we want to lighten. We will make a partition in the middle, and from there we will detail the thickness indicated by the client.

We are going to use DECOPLEX CARE bleaching, indicated for resistant hair with a lightening power of up to 9 tones. Its formula contains Plex technology, which consists of a high concentration of Polycondensed Sugars and Conditioning Agents that protect the hair throughout the bleaching process. Thanks to its anti-breakage action, it increases the strength, resistance and elasticity of the hair, reducing aggressions on the hair fiber and effectively preventing breakage in the structures of any type of hair.

Depending on the level of rinsing we want to achieve and the quality of the hair, we will decide between a 20, 30 or 40 volume peroxide water, knowing that the higher the percentage of peroxide, the more we will lighten the hair. UTOPIK OX, with its formula enriched with Keratin and Argan Oil, is the perfect combination to obtain the best coloring results. Once the mixture is made, we apply it to the hair with the spatula and draw the thickness of the wick from the roots to the ends, blurring at the top in the case that we are looking for a degraded effect and let it act.

The process can last several hours, everything will depend on the quality of the hair, the level of rinsing we want to achieve and if we apply heat or let it act at room temperature (always bearing in mind that heat favors rinsing).
Once we have achieved the necessary lightening, we rinse the hair and prepare to tint, an important moment since depending on the reflection that we have obtained (more golden, copper or reddish) we will have to apply a different type of tone.


Frame the face and shine, the Face Framing cannot be missing in your living room, now you know what they are and how to do them. They will not resist you! They have a versatile character since you can perform them on all types of hair creating your own color harmonies, depending on how you work on dark or lighter bases.