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It is surely one of the most common problems that you find in your salon. That moment when rinsing a client’s hair after bleaching, when we don’t know which shade to apply to neutralize the golden or reddish tones. Each hair has a bleaching background, and before starting any technical process we must carry out a proper analysis.


As you know, there are countless types of hair, and not only because of its nature but also because of the chemical processes it may have gone through. Color, perms, keratin, … All this modifies the structure of the hair and makes us have to take it into account before carrying out any technical work. . And not only aspects that have to do with hairdressing, but also external agents such as the hardness of the water, the Sun, the frequency with which we washed our hair … All of these are factors that directly affect the quality of the hair. We can detect this in the texture of the hair, in its porosity, all this is information that will guarantee the success of our work. We have to take all these factors into account because the products, exposure time and technical processes that are suitable for each type of hair will depend on them.


To analyze the hair we will have to observe the different areas of the head, neck, front, observe the quality of the hair from the roots to the ends since in the case that you have some technical work done the natural root can vary considerably. And in that case, we will mix the color, deciding which combination to apply at the roots and which, at the middle and ends, as well as the exposure time that will vary depending on the application. We also make sure that the hair is not treated with perms or keratins, if the client has any type of allergy or is undergoing a hair treatment at that time.

Once we know the quality of the hair we are going to work with, we can safely apply any type of coloring process. As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, one of the most complex is achieving the right color shade of the hair. It is a complicated process because on bleached and therefore porous hair, we have to be careful because any color can absorb quickly and end up coloring the hair instead of removing an unwanted shade.

1. Take into account the quality of the hair before applying any type of product.

2. Fluent and honest communication with the client.

3. Know in advance the mixture that we are going to use when we carry out the process, taking into account the type of peroxide, height and reflection, as well as the exposure time.

4. Make partitions in the hair according to the result we want to obtain so that the application of the shade is fluid.

5. At the time of application, take into account the times and their exposure.

6. Apply the shade on wet hair (without excess moisture) and emulsify with the palm of your hands.

7. Know first-hand the use of masks and color shampoo, since many times we can obtain results without the need for a coloring process.

8.To avoid green reflections in the hair, we have to take into account whether we want to tint yellow or red tones. For yellow hair we will use iridescent reflections and for orange hair we will use ashes. This way we will avoid saturating the hair.

9. Measure the exposure time not only looking for a result but also taking into account the condition of the hair.

10. Be cautious. If in doubt, first rinse the hair and wait to see how it looks dry. From there we can act again if a correction is necessary.



For Hipertin, the top priority is hair care, that is why we create innovative formulas that reinforce and protect the hair structure. Deco Plex Care are bleaching powders that contain the innovative Plex Technology, with a high concentration of Polycondensed Sugars and Conditioning Agents that protect the hair during the bleaching process thanks to their anti-breakage action. In addition, it is capable of lightening 9 shades in a short time. Complement it with the UTOPIK-OX peroxides in order to maximize the oxidizing effect with a formula enriched with Keratin and Argan Oil.


The best option to correct and tone hair, as it consists of a color mask that combines an intensive direct coloring hair treatment with hyaluronic acid (without oxidant or ammonia) and active conditioning agents that restructure, hydrate and nourish in depth with an extreme shine. Healthy, shiny and silky hair. . It is capable of correcting, tinting and neutralizing unwanted reflections and even creating different colors from custom mixes. Of its 9 colors, you should use the 1020, 0000, 5020, 2020 and 1010, according to the needs and reflections of the hair.

Controlling the hue is key when blending highlights, what’s more, we can even achieve great results using shampoos that already include pigment. That is why before applying a shade, we recommend washing with the SILVER shampoo from the LINECURE line and leaving it to act, once we remove the product with plenty of water, apply the SILVER MASK and leave it on for another minute of exposure. This will allow you to prepare your hair to apply a shade and will guarantee its success.