Face Framing

David Bowie already made it fashionable in the 80s, and now we have rediscovered it again thanks to singers like Miley Cyrus or Spanish actresses like Úrsula Corberó. We cannot deny that it has been a resounding success and that it is back to stay. Extreme and daring, it also provides a youthful and transgressive image.

The Mullet style cut consists of leaving the hair short at the top and on the sides and leaving the back of the head and the nape of the neck long. We can find different variations: layered, with curls, with punk style sideburns, you can play in many different ways depending on the image you want to achieve. We call it Shaggy (which is an English term for tousled hair) since it is a layered cut that maintains the volume at the top, offering a trendy texture and finish to the hair. This cut can be done with scissors or with a razor. We recommend making the base with scissors, controlling the inclination of the hair and finishing it with touches of a razor to provide mobility. The goal is to achieve uneven locks and to acquire a casual look.


1. Moisten the hair slightly and prepare it, separating the front and the upper part of the neck.

2. We make a star-shaped partition in the upper part and respecting the guide strand we tilt the fingers while cutting, keeping the lower area long and the entire crown area shorter.

3. Once we have made the shape that the cut will mark us, we release the upper part and join with the part of the neck that we had reserved. We join with the scissors vertically, layering the tip and generating this descent from short to long, but without the need for it to be homogeneous, we take the opportunity to skip a longer wick with a shorter one.

4. Then we go to the front and tilting it to the opposite side, we join slightly with the upper area, maintaining the difference between the uppermost and the lowermost part. With the inside of the scissors blade we layer the lock forward.

5. We review the cut and layer it based on the effect we want to achieve, if more extreme or casual, in that case we will try to make the transition from short to long be progressive, if on the contrary we want the cut to be more on the trend, we will look for a grunge and casual feeling by emptying the tip, but respecting the length.

6. In the event that you want to make the cut with straight bangs, we will make a central cut, and respecting the sides slightly longer, we will layer the tip to eliminate weight to avoid it being a thick bang. That is why we will make the size of the partition two fingers wide.


The Mullet style cut favors all types of faces, especially we will have to take into account the type of hair we are working on. If it is curly, wavy, smooth, the length with which we work will depend and also the aspect we want to obtain, we can work it in a sophisticated way by only slightly layering the ends, or we can make it extreme by exaggerating the difference between the top and the bottom of the hair.

This type of haircut can be adapted to all types of faces, creating custom layers as well as the bangs so it can fit all kinds of styles.





  • Different length between upper and lower parts of the hair.
  • Long and layered front locks.
  • Frayed finish with little weight on the tips.
  • Use the razor to add texture.
  • Use finishing products that provide mobility to the hair.

It is one of the cuts that have taken the season by storm, with its androgynous appearance it has always made an impact and has been a groundbreaking change in looks. To achieve a good finish it is important to use products that help to achieve a worn and “grunge”-looking texture.


The perfect ally to give hair shape in a light way while maintaining the natural hydration of the hair. Apply it to the middle and ends and draw the waves with your hands for a casual and “punk” result. A gel that will allow you to play with your hair and achieve daring finishes.

It is a cut that sets trends due to its versatility, since it can be made in as many versions as clients, because it adjusts perfectly to all types of hair, colors and textures. And it is also comfortable when combing it in the day’s routine, that is why HI STYLE CURL CREATION helps you set it without weighing it down, achieving definition and texture in all types of hair.